The Palm Bomber
is the world’s first and only product that is designed specifically to capture, store and re-release your farts!  A patent pending vacuum/funnel system allows you to easily catch your farts anytime, anywhere, with minimal gas leakage into the atmosphere.  Your stench can then be stored in the Palm Bomber Casing until you are ready to FIRE!

The Palm Bomber - Load, Aim & FIRE! Your Farts

For many years, the traditional palm bomb* was the only way to catch a fart.  Although fun and somewhat effective, our research in The Palm Bomber Laboratories have identified numerous shortcomings with this method:

  • The Palm Bomber - Technical DataIt is wasteful – the majority of the fart smell is lost to the atmosphere upon ejection from the anus and begins causing global warming almost immediately
  • It feels hot and dirty on your hands
  • Large-handed individuals have an unfair advantage
  • Fart storage time is almost nil – “bombs” must be dropped immediately

The Palm Bomber changes everything…

Ever since Adam and Eve (…probably just Adam, actually) ate and digested the forbidden fruit, mankind has been fascinated by the aromas that are concocted in the anal canal.  The scents can range all the way from “undetectable” to “unbelievable” to “immoral.”  Often, it’s nice to share these moments with others, and sometimes it can be just as satisfying – if not more satisfying – to selfishly bask in the glory of one of your own well groomed air biscuits.  Whatever the case may be, The Palm Bomber can serve your needs.


*palm bomb     noun     \ˈpäm bäm\
1.  The act of cupping one or both hands around the anus whilst releasing flatulence, ”catching” as much fart smell as possible, and releasing the smell into someone else’s face.
Synonym: Buttercup